The Valve Steam Deck is now available for purchase for the first time in its one-year lifespan. The Steam Deck is 10% off for all models as part of the ongoing Steam Sale.

During The Recent Sale, You May Save Money On A Steam Deck By Purchasing One_

The least expensive model, which costs $359.10 right now, has a 64GB eMMC SSD. That is less than the starting price of $399.99. The top model features a 512 NVMe SSD, while the subsequent edition has a 256GB NVMe SSD. Both of those are presently selling at $476.10 and $584.10.

Valve states that once ordered, the Steam Deck should arrive in 1-2 weeks. Experience has shown that it arrived within a week after the purchase. Yet, it depends on where you are.

With The Recent Sale, You May Purchase A Steam Deck For A Discount_

The Steam Deck has remained at the top of the sales charts since its release. That is the case despite being the most costly item on the list.

You can purchase a Steam Deck straight from the Steam Store if interested. Be aware that the official dock is not included in the sale if you already own a Steam Deck and are thinking about purchasing a dock.