From the belly of the tragedy of losing the dearest people during the explosion in the port of Beirut on August 4, 2020, and from the heart of the pain of injustice, love was born between William Noon, the brother of the deceased Joe, an employee of the Beirut fire brigade, and Maria Fares, the sister of the victim, Sahar, a nurse from the same fire brigade the team that died in the harbor explosion along with Joe. Doing their job, they put out the fire in the first moments before the explosion.

The story of William and Mary began after the tragedy of the explosion in the port of Beirut, which claimed more than 200 victims, including his brother Jo and her sister Sahar, as they fought and are still fighting a battle for justice that has been lost until now, as a result of that the examining magistrate cannot conduct his investigations.

And as photos of her engagement announcement circulated, social media lit up with blessings and expressions of joy from their love, which was a “glimmer of light” in the gloom of the Beirut port explosion file.

Suffering brought us together

William Noon told Al “Suffering has brought us together… Our story began after the explosion in the port of Beirut, when we formed an investigative committee from the families of the victims. We always met on the occasion of the explosion. “

Last October marked a turning point in William and Mary’s relationship. They had lunch at the home of one of the victims of the explosion in the port. He told her about his feelings for her, only to be surprised that she also had the same feelings for him.

I told her that I love her

William added: “At first I was hesitant to reveal my feelings for her because her family is still affected by the wound of losing her sister in the explosion, like my family’s situation, but I made the decision on the sidelines of the meeting. dinner and confessed his love to her, but was surprised that she shares the same feelings with me.

William and Mary’s joy with their love was not limited to their family, but extended to the Beirut Fire Brigade, of which Dajo and Sahar were two members before they were abducted by an explosion in the port.

They will get married next summer

After the marriage proposal, William and Mary are preparing for an official engagement on December 22, and next summer they will tie the knot in the presence of family, friends, members of the Beirut fire brigade and families of the victims.

And just like William Noane, who lost his brother Dajo in the explosion, Maria Fares also lost her sister Sugar in the fire brigade, who was preparing for the wedding, until death took her from her fiancé.

Our future is divided

Maria told “Our story began after the August 4th tragedy, but the ‘serious’ events happened a few months ago when he told me about his feelings and that he hoped we would have a common future. The initiative came from him, and the acceptance came from me, and our love will culminate in a wedding next summer.”

“It is true that we met after a sad story, but the joy will be called our common life,” she added.

Keep fighting after the wedding

Despite the many obstacles that were put in the way of the forensic investigator in the bombing case and managed to stop the investigation, William and Maria confirmed their continued struggle “until we know the truth about who killed my sister Sahar and my brother Ju and all the victims explosion in the port of Beirut.

“Our love will strengthen our fight,” they said. “We will not retreat from our main goal – to achieve justice for Dajo and Sahara.”

Joo and Sahar named their two children

And as a common struggle, William and Maria unanimously agreed that in the future they would name their two children Dajo and Sahar.

Since last summer, the investigation into the Beirut port bombing has been stalled by requests for response and litigation with the state by former ministers and MPs asking the coroner to hear them as defendants in the case.

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